Trying to Stay Healthy: Is you Fatty Middle Causing your Health Problems?

Take a look at your window of prevention. Are you taking care of yourself?

Do you need to change something? The belly carries two kinds of fat, subcutaneous ( the kind you can pinch) and visceral fat- the kind that surrounds your abdominal organs, deep inside your body.

There is so much talk about visceral fat.

It is important to learn about this type of fat because it causes that muffin top that many people get after 50. It also seems to harm women after menopause because the extra fat can cause heart disease in women that has long been undetected.

According to an article in the AARP – July August Magazine, this visceral belly  fat may cause colon cancer according to the American Cancer Society.

This type of fat is also associated with a higher risk of  rectal, pancreatic, endometrial and postmenopausal breast cancer. This connection between belly fat seems to boost levels of insulin and estrogen, causing the growth of abnormal cells. Other recent studies have connected belly fat to poor overall brain health.

So what do we do?

Find some exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. Doing crunches will not work, you need to find a consistent way to lose weight including a healthy low fat, low caloric diet. Portion control needs to be at the forefront of your new lifestyle to control you weight.

The facts are in

Belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat on your body. If you are a man, and your waist is above 40 inches, you need to reduce it. If you are a woman- a waist measurement above 35 inches is dangerous. Researchers believe that the waist measurement will become the most accurate measurement of risk factors, more accurate than BMI. ( Body mass index)


Research has found that smoking actually causes people to redistribute their weight to the belly area. You need to understand that healthy living is the key. Diet, exercise, and quitting smoking can really help you.

Taken in part: Agnvall , E. (2012). Battling Belly Fat. AARP, July-August.