Accepting Changes in Your Life

In your window of life, have you done everything you want to do before you die?

Changes in our Lives

I am writing on the topic of change because I am having difficulty with it presently.

I feel like I want to do things in my life that I may never be able to, but I like to think about them.

Such as traveling a lot to different countries and having a job that I really enjoy!

This may never happen, but it has been fun jumping around into different experiences with careers and jobs. And I have done some traveling to different countries and have road cross country from NY to California. It took a long time! We were on the road with 2 kids and a van. The experience is unforgettable. Seeing the US in its grandeur.

Jobs Versus Careers

Jobs are actually better than careers because you can just say good-bye at any time.

With careers you are more apt to give some notice. Not that I would not give notice at my present jobs, I am a courteous person who would let the employer know that I am leaving! But the thing with jobs is that you don’t feel as attached or even vulnerable like the full-time people who really need to be there no matter what! I know that feeling well, because when I was in my “career” I had to be there and take whatever came, the good, bad and ugly! And when I was a supervisor, there was a lot of ugly!!

Mental Wellness

For me, there is a lot more mental wellness in my life since I retired and just take on jobs and volunteer work like writing this blog! I get off my chest some of my bad and negative feelings when I write. Try it some time, writing it down on paper or in a blog helps me to settle down and accept the changes in my life.

Focusing on the Positive

This “positive thing” is the hardest for me to embrace. If I hang around with some positive people, I can grasp the concept, but when I don’t,I fall into the pit of negative thinking and living.

There are so many negative things that you can focus on such as not having money, doing too many things for others, working too much, or just the heat of summer! Changing these things to a more positive framework in my daily life is difficult, but I work on it all the time.

The Physical Decline

I have not really noticed any physical decline. Even though I am getting close to the dreaded 60 years, I am strong and flexible. Because of my dedication to exercise, my personal physical decline hopefully will come later in life.  I see people my age that are not doing as well as I am physically, and it scares me into doing even more exercise!!

If you are my age and feeling a decline physically, try some exercise that is fun. You will do it if it is fun.


I feel like a relic of sorts. People moving in and out of my life through different ways, some with death. My husband’s grandmother who lived into her nineties said she had lived too long.  I wonder if I will feel that way. I hope not.

Facing the fact that you are getting older – and most people you know are younger than you is just something that you have to accept. And remember that you can also help others throughout your life, maybe not the way you used to, but we are not getting older, we are getting better.