Staying on the Right Path in Life

Life has many divergent ways. You think you are going on the right path and then something happens that sends you down the wrong road!

I believe that I have been on the right path for many years.

I have been trying to develop a healtier way of living that I can be proud of down the road of life.

I have quit all my vices and feel 100% better. I actually feel younger  and stronger than I did 10 years ago when I was struggling with many forced changes in life that almost killed me. I developed hypertension, high triglycerides and being overweight did not help matters. I was really struggling with life and health.

The stress of my job, a divorce and my kids growing up before my eyes sent me into quite a dilemma for many years. I ruminated on my negative happenings for a long time. Too long- I wish someone would have stopped me from living that nightmare over and over again!

Balance and Centering Activities

Since that time I have been trying to create a more peaceful way of living. One filled with learning new stress reduction techniques such as yoga and progressive relaxation. A life where I do not even think about not doing something for someone else. This brings me pleasure. When needed, I am there, for my kids, family and friends. I literally give the shirt off my back if needed. I am not bragging about what I do, I enjoy it.

I have realized that I only have a fixed amount of time on this earth, therefore I will do only good for others. I will not create any more negativity. I will bring love to the hearts of people I know, and people I don’t know.


Physical Activities

I really try, especially in the summertime to ride my bike instead of driving all the time. I get exercise, I create no fumes. I am helping with air quality. Although a small contribution, it is a good one!

Saving the Planet

Another good habit I developed is making sure that I recycle. I want to leave the world a better place for the next generation. I try my best to be a good role model to others on saving our planet.

Weight Reduction and Maintenance

I continue to struggle with is keeping my weight maintained, and I have been doing quite well in that department lately. I found a supplement that helps reduce my cravings for sweets and salt all the time! It is a wonderful product.

I promised myself that if I found a way to help others with their health, I would share my findings. That is why I am here today. Sharing helps people. Input from others helps  in making  effective decisions.

If  you are the person  people  turn to when they need an answer- you better have the right answer. So do your research on everything that you need answers to!