The Old and the New

I like old things, including people. They are filled with knowledge and wisdom that some of us forget about. If you want a good answer to a question, ask someone who is over 70. They know what it is all about.

Some things we need to get rid of such as our past mistakes and misfortunes. Many of us hang on to  emotional and physical things that may remind us of  past painful experience.

Work at getting rid of those thoughts and replacing them with good, helpful positive thoughts, feelings and opinions about events in life. This is of course easier said than done!

On the physical past. I have taken some pictures yesterday of an old school house that has intrigued me. I want to share, because some of the old is so very interesting to look at. This is a one room school house in Potterville, PA, where I was visiting my husband’s family.

Looking in the windows of the school house. What is inside? Old relics and some trash!










Here is the door to the one room school house. Look at the wear and tear this door must have taken from all those childeren years ago!


This door served many children, many years ago!

Inside the school house are some old relics and some trash. It was fun stepping inside of history. The one room school houses of America are long gone but not forgotten.