Finding your groove: Developing and fine-tuning your life

When you need to lighten up a bit, find some things that you really like to do.

I  like exploring different opportunities. Because it is somewhat late in life for me to find a new career for myself, I explore different avenues that are closer to “new ideas.”

I have a strong interest in keeping people healthy, therefore, I have explored weight reduction techniques and some products on the market that are holistic and help with weight reduction. This is the first time I have ever sold any products, but with my recent research, I believe that there are vitamins, minerals and supplements that can keep you healthier.

Other areas of exploration that I have been dappling in: Volunteering

Volunteering for the first time has been very enriching for me. I volunteered to run a group that focuses on healthy living. So far we have explored different ways to get healthy such as losing weight, changing to more healthy foods, exploring healthy recipes and finding ways to exercise more.

Other explorations since my retirement include finding my groove through writing this blog. I have developed many different categories of subject matter that I add to daily.

I am the Ann Landers of Blogging. I have written almost every single day since I began a little more than a year ago with about 400 blogs written. I am proud of this accomplishment!

Finding Ways to De-Stress

I have always explored stress reduction. I believe that everything is connected. Our mind, body and soul react to each other and we need to keep all in order.

Exploring yoga has been an excellent idea for me and I even took some yoga certificates to help me become a sub for a local gym. This accomplishment is not only good for my yoga friends who have benefited from my new yoga education, it also has helped me to become more centered and balanced!

Growing Herbs

I have found that growing herbs has helped me with a new accomplishment that is meaningful. This summer I have grown basil, sage, parsley and thyme. I have even started some Stevia – the all natural sweetner. The growing  of herbs has also helped me in the kitchen to have more delicious meals.

Teaching and Learning

I believe that we never stop learning. My groove in life includes learning and  continuing to explore new ideas and thoughts.

I self-study, take online classes and teach. Teaching helps me to learn more. It has a dual affect. I help my students learn about health through the classes that I teach, but I also learn too. I research topics to help them and it comes back to me like the circle of life that we live in. When you give, you always receive more than you ever thought possible.