Accepting and being grateful

Being who you are

Acceptance the way things are, and moving on with gratitude is easier said than done. I would like to believe that I am very accepting of the things that come in my path, and that I resist less than I used to.When I was younger, I struggled a lot more then I do today.

I would resist not only changes in my life that were not my idea, but also changes that were my doing. Sometimes I thought that I wanted things that I really did not- such as a new job. Many people think that a new job will help them to be happier, and then they are disappointed. Others feel that a new partner is in order- and that also may not be a good idea! Marriage seems to be time-limited to some people. They want something new and fresh- and they do not realize that everything gets harder to maintain- especially relationships. You have to work on them to reap any rewards!

The Process of Making Changes in your life

At first when you believe that you need to change, you are very focused and motivated, then for some reason the motivation and focus are replaced with complaining about the changes and resisting it.

With big goals, the focus on the dream may last longer, but you actively need to do things that help you to move toward the goal, and if you do not- the goal seems to disappear.

With changes that are forced on you such as divorce or death, you may resist for a long time and hold on to things that you should have long let go. And this can hurt you more when you hang on to things that are gone. I am not saying they should be forgotten, but they need to be accepted and you need to move on.

This One Is For You, Mom

My mother is one of the most accepting and grateful person that I have the honor of knowing. When I was a child she always modeled acceptance of things we cannot change. She modeled it every day, and spoke to me about it.

She would say, “When you know you cannot change something, begin learning how to accept it.” She accepted many things that others would not have the strength to do. She was grateful to have a family and people around her to loved and care for.

An author on gratitude and acceptance: Eckhart Tolle wrote:

“Accept- the act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.

Always work with it, not against it… This will miraculously transform your life.”

When you let go of the things you are hanging onto, you become what you want to be.