Some new ideas for eating better

The beauty of flowers in the Summertime!


From Fitness Magazine in their June 2010 issue they talk about easy ways to stop sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Here are a few ideas.

1. Turn off the TV! You can stop the hungry surge that you get in the evening if you stop watching those commercials on TV that focus on food late at night. Do something else!

2. Pace yourself when you eat. Even when you are out and about in restaurants. Remember to put your fork down between bites of food. It really helps to slow you down.

3. Delay that instant  gratification: When you really want something, do not eat it right away. Take a few moments to think about it. You probably will not want it any longer. Putting off those cravings helps to weaken them.

4. If you want to stay away from those diet sugar sodas, try some fruity flavored water. They have a hint of fizz with no calories or artificial sweeteners. I also use seltzer water and add my own stevia, a natural sweetener which I also grow outdoors and simmer for some sweet tea in the summertime.

Taken in part from: Easy Ways to Eat Less. Fitness June 2012.