Hearing loss

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Do you know the different types of hearing losses that people have?

Most people think that as you age, your hearing starts to go- that is not always  true. Many people have hearing loss long before aging.

Aging does effect the auditory system, and can cause some impaired hearing such as the inability to hear high-pitched sounds called: presbycusis and tinnitus: ringing in the ears which may be accompanied by hearing loss.

Another cause of hearing loss can be loud noises such as amplified music or noisy equipment.

Here are some different types of hearing loss:

Central hearing loss: Difficulty understanding the meaning of words heard. The inability to understand the meaning of incoming sounds or words. This is caused by problems related to the central nervous system from the auditory nucleus to the cortex.

Conductive hearing loss: This is an alteration in the perception of  or sensitivity of sounds. This occurs with problems in the external and middle ear.

Sensorineural hearing loss: This loss occurs with disease or injury in the inner ear, and with this the person may be sensitive to high pitched tones.

Prevention of hearing problems:

Do not put objects in the ear

Avoid loud environmental noise

Remember that certain drugs can cause hearing loss such as aspirin

Report to your doctor any changes in your hearing such as asking others to speak up or having sensitivity to even slight changes in  noise level.

Taken in part from: Gauwitz, D. ( 2011). Administering Medications.Minniapolis, Minn. McGraw-Hill