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Some people are highly allergic to certain kinds of antibiotics and doctors have to take much care related to prescribing antibiotics. They look at what type of organism may be causing the infection,the condition of the person in their health and wellness. Is this person’s immune system functioning well?

Some antibiotics can kill microorganisms and some slow the growth. Bacteriocidal kill and bacteiostatic slow the growth or reproduction of a microorganism.The doctor orders specific tests to find out what kind of microorganism a person has. This is called a Gram Stain and culture with chemical testings. When placed under a microscope with a stain, some microbes turn blue, while others turn red. Blue is Gram-positive microbes while red, gram negative microbes. Along with the color changes, there are also different shapes to microbes.

The MD also needs to look at different selections of antibiotics through a culture and sensivitiy test. This is a sample from the person’s throat. The results will tell the MD what to prescribe.

One problem with taking antibiotics is drug resistance.  This is the ability of a pathogen to resist the effects of a specific antibiotic as a result of exposure to the antibiotic for a long period of time. That is why it is important to not take too many antibiotics. Our bodies need to self-heal too!

Therefore, many people who take a lot of antibiotics become resistive to them.

Other problems include hypersensitivity, which is an exaggerated response to a drug, allergic reactions, and superinfections which is a secondary infection that occurs which an antibiotic is destroying the first infection.

Taken in part from: Gauwitz, D. (2012) Administering Medications. Rochester, Minnesota, Mc Graw Hill