Exploring the Chakras

Taking some time to relax

Chakras is a Sanskrit term for “Spinning Wheel of Energy.” Chakras are described as in specific locations of the body, mind and spirit. It will be a holistic exploration!

These places where we find energy contain the key elements to our physical, mental and spiritual well being.





There are 7 major Centers

1.Root Chakras

Physical Vitality and well being


Earth Element

Mastery of the Body and Physical Being

Courage vs. Fear

2. Pelvic Chakra



Water Element

Performance of Duties without attachment to results

Letting go vs. Attachment

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Personal Power


Fire Element

Control over Mind and Body

Enthusiasm vs. Anger and Resentment

4. Heart Chakra



Air Element

To use Love for Personal and Societal Change

Compassion vs. Love vs. Judgment and Desire

5. Throat Chakra



Earth Element

To establish the Kingdom of PEace and Share it with Others

Joy vs. Grief and REgreat

6.Brow Chakra




To balance thoughts and feelings with Higher Insight and intuition

Inspiration and Creativity

7. Crown Chakra



Cosmic energy

To experience oneness with the Eternal Now

Transformational Experiences

An exercise for you to explore with Chakras:

Begin to relax for a few minutes and take a couple minutes to explore. Begin by imagining a soft glow of red at the base of your spine. Notice the quality of this color and its warmth. It is a bright, beautiful color glowing on your spine.

Next allow the color to expand and flow up into your body, through your arms, fingers, legs and toes.

Continue through the rest of your body and into head let rise and fall. This bright red ball of warmth.

Work on other colors such as orange for your pelvis and yellow for your solar plexus. Green in your heart and blue in your throat. Indigo in your brow and violet at the top of your head. Have white surround your whole being.

As you begin to work with colors, allow your breathing to slow as it moves the energy throughout your body. Merging your breathing with the colors. Exploring your feelings and noticing the differences in feelings, sensations and your attitude after this exercise.

Taken in part for  Dr. Jill N.Henry. (2012). Energy Sourcebook- The Fundamentals of Personal Energy.@ http://www.foundationforwellbeing.org and also Dr. Jill N. Henry @ www.mountainvalleycenter.com