Change you focus and Solve your problem!

Change it up! Just when I think that I have changed- I need to change again!

When developing goals it is important to realize something very important, especially as it relates to choosing, planning and maintaining goals.

Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

If your problem is weight loss and maintenance, you will slowly begin to understand what I have to say today.

This  realization  that I am doing the same thing- and expecting different results is very profound to me because I believe that I have been  going about things in the same manner for many years and expecting different results.

I would lose slowly, give up and then try again weeks later. I would starve myself, exercise too much, eat too much and then give up again.

Since my primary goals in life surrounds my weight and health issues, I have gained and lost probably over 200 pounds in my lifetime –doing it over and over again.

Focusing on what Albert is saying:

But this time I will keep it off!

My problem behavior, as Albert put it so strongly- is keeping me from maintaining my goal. I get in my own way!

I go off the wagon every time, at some point in my quest toward my weight loss goal, and until I find out exactly how I am doing that, and change my behavior drastically- I will gain it back.

Prevention is the key to this problem:

Here are some of my strategies:

1. Continue to stay with a support group where I talk with others who have the same problem as me. Stop thinking that after I lose the weight, I am OK to go it alone– I will never be OK to go it alone!

2. Continue to create new low fat and good tasting foods for myself so that I do not get bored with my meals.

3. Continue to workout and attend alternative modalities such as yoga.

What do I add new so that I have new thinking about my problem?

Here are some of my new strategies:

1. Volunteering to speak on staying healthy and well throughout your life ( I am beginning a weekly group starting next Wednesday)

2. Sticking to a self-help program where people meet and discuss their weight problems, and becoming a group leader that helps others find their way!

3. Continuing to address my problem and help others do the same- for the rest of my life.

4. Change my mindset to include positive and meaningful affirmations such as:

“I can do it”

“I am doing well with my weight”

” I look great”

“I am taking good care of myself”

“I can continue to help myself and others  make meaningful chnages in their lives.  When I help others, I am helping myself to be stronger and in better control of my life”