How Can You Stay Resilient?

Yellows and Oranges


Resilient people take care of themselves and bounce back from many difficulties that others do not. Their body, mind and soul are constantly being developed and they are up with the latest happenings in the world.

They  continually stimulate themselves through challenging experiences that they explore without hesitation. ( There may be a little hesitation- but they just do it!)

Goals are developed on a regular basis and challenges, including new and exciting things such as personal development activities are a focus of the resilient person.


What can we do to help each other stay healthy and Resilient in mind, body and soul?

An example: My goal is finding new ways to help people. This may sound pretty general, but I have specifics things that I do. With the help of my blog, I have taught many people how to take better care of themselves. I post healthy recipes, healthy food choices and healthy activities that people can try. I also try to help family members and friends with healthy advice. I research and try to give people the most accurate information when it comes to health and wellness.

Staying Slim

Another goal that I struggle with myself is staying slim. I give people tips on weight reduction. I have seen so many people who have difficulty with weight. It has become my main goal. To help others get back into shape. This requires that they  stay in shape mentally and spiritually in order to stay in shape physically. You cannot just lose the weight and then think that you will keep it off. You have to change something about yourself- especially that negative, low self-esteem that comes with weight problems.

I keep in contact with many people who are trying to lose weight, and I am their mentor and peer. My goal is to teach. Teach people how to get healthy again so that they become resilient.

This is a big goal!!

You can also help others. There are so many struggling people in our world. We need resilient people like you to get out there and help the struggling  gain strength and resiliency so that it becomes a circle of hope.

People who have been overweight for many years need inspiring people around them to keep them challenged. That is how they will lose weight. They have to challenge themselves and set goals. At first small ones and then bigger goals.

If they struggle alone, they may  lose some weight, but in order to keep it off support is needed. So listen to the stories of those who have difficulties in life, and you will also become more resilient.

In a resiliency article by the Clemson University, there are 7 components of a resilient person:

1. Insight: You can sense when something in a relationship is not going well and people seek you out for advice.

2. Independence: You enjoy being yourself. You are good at making your own decision and seek out help when needed.

3. Relationships:  You love to make new friends. You are a good friend who listens.

4. Initiative:  You take the initiative to try out new and challenging activities. You are always coming up with new ideas.

5. Creativity: You have a creative edge in art, music, crafts and other creativity activities. They help you to de-stress you in times of need.

6. Humor: People comment on your great sense of humor. You laugh a lot. You see things on the positive, funny side of life. You can also laugh at yourself.

7. Morality: You have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, even if it is risky.


The Clemson University Cooperative Extension, Developing Resiliency: How Does Your Resiliency Measure Up?