A healthy Success Plan

Spring is here, and summer is near! Time for a Change in your life

I speak on ways to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. But how do you stay successful? No one is perfect. So whether you are trying to lose weight, stay on a healthy eating plan to prevent diabetes, or beginning a new exercise plan to help with your heart, you need to plan for success.

Remember that learning new skills takes a lot of time and practice. For example, if losing weight was so easy, the word die- would not be in the word diet!!

And don’t give up when you occasionally lapse into old, unhealthy habits. Relapse happens, especially in stressful situations, so plan your strategies well.  For example, I know that when I am not going to be home for a meal, I always need to take some protein bars with me to help curb my appetite. I have also eaten before going  to a wedding, so that I will not over eat!

In the book by Gayle Reichler entitled: Active Wellness: Feel Good for Life, she came up with a accroonym for peace of mind.

When you are on your wellness journey, think about this when you are about to relapse!

P=  Pause and take a few deep breaths

E=  Experience the moment

A=  Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings

C=  Choose what you feel is best for you

E= Enjoy the choice

Have some compassion for yourself

If you truly want to succeed at a goal you have to treat yourself well. Compassion for yourself means that you accept yourself as you are.

With compassion, you also understand that there will be setbacks and you accept and forgive yourself when it happens.

Forgiveness means that you learn from past experiences and move on toward your goal without regrets!

Taken in part from: Reichler, G. 1998) Active Wellness: Feel Good for Life. A personalized 10 Step Program for A Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.