Culinary Herbs that Possess Medicinal Qualities: At Your Local Farmer’s Market


Take a look at your Local Farmer’s Market this weekend for some herbs. I buy them in pots to grow and dried herbal wonders at the market.

Your locals can help you find what you need!

I love herbs. I cook with them, I grow some, especially sage and basil. I also feel that many herbs possess medicinal qualities that we may be overlooking.

Let’s start with Sage, one of my favorites. Sage is an effective anti-inflammatory. Some old wives tales also include sage’s ability to ward off a cold if one drinks it infused in a cup of water throughout the day. Sage has aslo been used as an antiseptic.

Research has also concluded that sage essential oil can help with memory and has shown improvement in use with Alzheimer’s patients with attention improvement  and cognition.

Soothing Sage

Because of Sage’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can bring relief to a sore throat when used as a gargle or mouth wash.

Stomach Friendly Spices: Indian Cooking

Turmeric, the herb that give curry powder its fine looking yellow hue,  may be a favorite of Indian restaurants but it also may help fight off cancer.

In recent studies, turmeric was show to stop the growth of certain types of stomach and skin tumors caused by common chemical found in smog.

Diets containing 2 % turmeric and  5 % turmeric were shown to  be effective against stomach cancer and skin tumors in mice.

The ingredient in turmeric has a compound that suppresses the tumors.

Other studies have found that turmeric has a natural disease-fighting property in which it can destroy bacteria such as Salmonella with in 15 minutes when light and oxygen were present.


For cancer, turmeric appears to act in the same way  as an antioxidant vitamin such as  Vitamin C and E.

Taken in part from : Farwood, F. W. ( 1997) Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells You About. Peachtree City, GA. FC&A Printing.