“Sweets for the Sweet!”

Is sugar in our foods and “straight up” just as bad as alcohol?

There is much research on the sugar topic recently. Today it has been said that perhaps diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar. They are also blaming sugar for inflammatory diseases. Do we need to clean up our act and stop eating so many sweets?

It looks like yes is the answer to that question.  I believe in a healthy, sugar free- or at least sugar reduction diet is the best way to go.

You cannot completely eliminate sugar from your diet. You do need some complex sugars in your diet. Maybe what needs to be done when you are having a sugar fix is to eat the complex carbs instead. Try a fresh banana or orange instead of that cookie.

I find that I am better off when I try to avoid sugary foods. They seem to trigger me to want to eat more. For example, it is better for me personally to stay away from chocolate completely. If I have just one piece- I want more and more. It is my trigger food!!

I cannot just eat one piece! So I cannot have it around- any kind of chocolate.

Dr. Perricone, Dermatologists talks about sugar in an article entitled: The Problem with Sugar.

He explains that people do not realize how much sugar that they have in their diet. A good example are condiments.  Sugar is in everything from yogurt to salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

Sugar causes inflammation which accelerates the aging process in our body.

Glycation is the age-accelerating reaction to excess blood sugar. In dermatology, Dr. Perricone sees many people with dark circles, loss of skin tone, wrinkles, increased pores and puffiness due to inflammation from sugar.

He believes that sugar can rob your youth. So the next time you grab a donut, think about how it can cause your skin to age. The skin of a person who has had a life of carbs and sugars does not snap back and smooth out. Those deep grooves remain because that is where the sugar molecules have attached to collagen, making the skin stiff.

When you want to have something sweet, think about fruit.

Fresh fruit can slow down the absorption of of sugar. Fruit contains anti-oxidants that are natural anti-inflammatory foods. Try to have protein  at the start of your meal before you eat your fruit.  Eating fruit on an empty stomach can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Here is a fact from Dr. Perricone:

” A rapid rise in our blood sugar from eating too many  sweets and the wrong types of carbs is pro-inflammatory and results in a sharp rise in  our insulin levels, after which the insulin drops to below normal levels. This results in cravings for more carbohydrates, creating a vicious cycle.”

Taken in part from: Dr. Perricone on Sugar: The Problem with Sugar.