Outdoor Markets

Gail Sutton, Master Gardener

There is so much to do this spring. One of my favorite things is going to the open market every Saturday morning to see what the farmers have to sell. It is so much fun because you always see people you have not seen in quite awhile. Taking time to catch up on what is happening in town is a wonderful thing to do on a bright spring day.

Today at the market, my friend Gail Sutton, master gardener was helping people with their gardening issues.

Gail loves to give good tips on making your garden a wonderful place to be all summer!

I went to the market today to buy some herbs for my garden. I bought stevia and parsley. I am hoping that I can grow them with ease this year! Last year I had some trouble keeping my basil alive.

The Master Gardener is a community program from Cornell University Cooperative Extension in Erie County. You can find out more infomation on gardening from this webiste. The local cooperative extension is in East Aurora, New York at 21 South Grove Street. mgeriecce@gmail.com  or http://cce.cornell.edu/erie/


At the market, I picked up a handout on how to keep slugs and snails out of your garden!

Slugs and snails are a problem in the home garden.

Some pest management: Integraed Pest Management (IPM)

This is a common sense approach to getting rid of those pests. They believe that you should always use the least toxic method first.

Here is an example: Vacuum the insects and throw the bag away!

Monitor your home for cracks in foundation, air spaces in windows and other leaks.

Chemical control needs much caution. A home recipe: use beer or molasses in water 3/4 in deep into a steep dish or tray.

Good tip!

Taken in part from: C. Klass, Extension Aide and A.Muka, Entomolgy Department.

Looking at the wonder of fresh flowers!



I love the colors!!