Prevention: Stroke


Here are some tips on how to prevent diseases from happening to you. We will look at prevention methods for stroke. Some of the following tips you may already know but a good review is always a helpful way of reminding yourself about changes that can change your health!

1.The number 1 tip is- don’t smoke

2. Bring down your high blood pressure. How do you do that? The number one way is to lose weight. Even a small amount of weight reduction can help your blood pressure.

There are many factors that contribute to diseases such as genes, race, gender and age. These are factors that you cannot control. But there are some that you can control.


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that you keep your blood pressure under 130/80 mmHg. They expect you to keep your BP down by various methods such as a combination of healthy eating, exercise and medication to keep your blood pressure under control.

Another factor is keeping your cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats) under control. This can also help to prevent a stroke.

Here are some stroke signs and symptoms:


Numbness, weakness or tingling on one side of the body

Confusion or trouble speaking, swallowing or understanding

Problems with taste, smell, vision or hearing

Dizziness or trouble walking

A January 2011 Study in the Journal of American Medical Association  found that the chances of surviving a stroke are better at hospitals that have a stroke center.

What kinds of tests do they do for possible stroke victims?

At the hospital tests may be done for vision, movement, blood pressure. This can determine what type of stroke it is, and the location in the brain.

A CT scan, MRI or both may be ordered. A CT can reveal any bleeding in the brain, allowing the MD to determine what type of stroke it may be.

Taken in part from: Diabetes Forecast. May 2011. Stroke, Attack and Defend.