Can I really Change?

If you live in New York, you enjoy the seasonal changes. Right now, in springtime, everything is so very green. Summer brings with it a little warmer weather which makes some things darker green, brown and yellow. In  fall, everything seems to be orange and dark yellows. Winter with its cold brings on the grays!  Dreary days that make you wish for  a Florida trip.

We change with the seasons. I feel so much brighter in the springtime. Full of energy and ready to dig into my garden and clean my house!

I am more energetic, want to exercise more and even smile more often when the weather is nice.

On Gardening: Keep  yourself  Fit

I noticed that when I  bent down, tending to my garden today, I was a little stiff and needed to spend some time stretching afterwards. I thought I could get right into gardening because I exercise, and feel that I am in pretty good shape.

But gardening is different- you use different muscles and you are in the elements.  You might even stay stationary while you dig! Watch out for the sunny days! You may need to wear a hat.

The sun and heat can make your good intentions of gardening a flop! Tomorrow is another day- I will try again, but maybe I need to make some changes. Perhaps some stretching beforehand.

Change is difficult: Are you in a rut?

You may not feel there is any reason to change.

You are just fine with life.

But for some reason, others around you do not think so.

They tell you that you need to make some changes. They may even tell you that you are angry all the time or that you need to spend less time with the TV or computer, and more time with them.

If you seem to have a lot of anger or resentment built up over the years, letting go of it can be achieved but you may have to work hard.

Here are a few tips from Childre and Rozzman’s book entitled: Transforming Anger.

Begin to Care

Choose to start caring about something or someone ( or both).

This causes your whole intrinsic self to be more in harmony. Caring gives a rhythm to your life. When you care, you can move through setbacks in life easier. When you care, you become more confident and secure about yourself, and then you can change.

The best example of developing caring is falling in love. When you are in love, things look different. Many things that may have annoyed you in the past look better. You are internally centered, and this love helps you to ride the storm of other not so pleasant happenings in your life.

You can also care about other things too. For example: people who care about others run races for a cause, volunteer at nursing homes or with children’s services. I know someone who became a Big Sister. She said this really helped her get in touch with herself.

Sustain Those Good Feelings in yourself

The next time you are feeling some strong feelings such as anxiety, tension or anger try these tips:

1. Slow down your breathing. Lie down and physically put your hands on your lower belly and feel your breathing start to slow down.

2. Begin  each day by activating feelings of genuine appreciation of life, caring and love. ( This one may take some practice!)

Visualize things that help  you to  feel good about living  such as  walking on a beach with a soft breeze barefoot, feeling the warm sand between your toes. If your mind wanders, focus back and reconnect with the good feelings.


Taken in part from: Childre, D. and Rosman, D. Transforming Anger. Oakland, CA. New Harbinger Publications