Spring Flowers

When I want to get centered and feel well, I tend to my garden. While my flower garden is large and full of beauty, my veggie garden is small but enough for me! I only tend to tomatoes and lettuce, and that is  everything I need for a great summer salad. The rest of the veggies I buy at the local farmer’s market.


The colors of spring bring brightness to our lives. Staying in the moment and slowing down your busy schedule can help you to be in touch with the springtime smells, colors and sunny days.

Do not miss the sunshine this time of year. Get outdoors and live life to its fullest. Here are some springtime wonders. The colors are amazing.





Other seasonal planting that  you can tend to  includes growing herbs and vegetables.  I  do patio pot  planting of tomatoes and lettuce. In my younger years I grew everything! Green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, even some cantaloupe. Those were the days!

Today, planting in pots is fun for me. I am always surprised at how well my veggies do in a pot!

Some red and green lettuce that I haven’t put outdoors yet! I grow them in my sunroom until the threat of frost is done. My mother told me that I have to wait until after Memorial Day which will be soon. That is when I also put out my hanging flowers around the patio.





Last summer I grew my veggies in patio pots and I had so many tomatoes I could not believe my eyes! I actually had so many, I had to give some away!

I believe that gardening is a skill that  I have not yet attained. I putter in my garden and it helps me to feel better in mind, body and spirit. There is nothing like pulling weeds and digging. Today I had my granddaughter pulling weeds! She loved it. She likes getting a little dirty and the exercise was good for her.

Gardening is good for everyone. It puts you in touch with the earth and its wonder. It allows you to see what you can create in just a few short months. In Buffalo we have a very  short growing season; you have to get out there right away to get a start on some flowers and vegetable gardens.

Do yourself a favor and learn about gardening. It is a past time that grows old with you. You are never too old to grow!


I love to grow grew herbs. Sage, basil and mint. The mint I grew last year  is perennial and is still growing wild in my garden! When I was digging, the smell of mint was wonderful!