Detachment: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all become attached to things in life. We grow attached to people, places and life in general. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just let go for a moment and stop hanging on to things that we think are helping us. Some of those stressful things like a bad job, or some bad relationship. Why do we continue to allow ourselves to attach to such things?

In Dr. Chopra’s book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, he describes detachment in a unique way.

He believes that when we detach from things and live our life with uncertainty, we are freeing ourselves from the prison we may be living in.

Stepping into the unknown may be scary, but enriching and surrounded by possibilities that we may never experience if we do not step out of the comfortable and move toward some discomfort. I remember the discomfort of a new job. It took a long time to settle in but then it became part of me and I loved it for many years. But when it came time to leave, I knew it was time, but  I was struggling with leaving. I had friends and patients that needed me. That was my excuse for staying as long as I did.

I again did not feel ready to jump into something else. Retirement seemed a vague, unnatural thing that made me feel old. Only old people retire, I was still full of life and things to do.

I  still ponder on  when I retired, especially that last day.  I worked full time for so long it would have been more comfortable to grab onto another full time job, or even stay longer in my present job because of the attachment, and  so that I would not feel the emptiness.

I  felt that I needed to fill my time up. No gaps, no relaxing, just full living! I was always busy.

What I have come to believe is that the empty gaps in life  help.

They give a person  time to ponder and be more creative. I am also happier today.

Today I write more, exercise every day and  I even meditate more. I love being semi-retired! That is where my attachment still exists.

I have not fully let go as of yet. I am still hanging on to a job, even though it may be time to move on. It is a powerful hold and it seems to hold some kind of security for me, or purpose in life.

I want to tell people that I still work, which means that I am contributing to society. But there are other ways to contribute.  Writing this detachment article today is a contribution!

I reading this article  makes just  one person think about what they are hanging on to that they should let go of- it will be a contribution to someone.

Why do we constantly seek security and recognition? You can chase a secure moment all of your life, and you will not find it.

Your security lies within yourself. You can only be safe with yourself, and sometimes we are not even safe there. We criticize ourselves and damage our self-worth with self-critical moments and images of doom and gloom!

Beginning to do some really challenging things in life can help you to grow

Make your life full of loving and  uncertain moments. This helps you to be more creative and free. When things are fresh and new, they become magic in your life. You  are here to find ways to make your life purposeful, enriching, hopeful and loving. Challenge yourself!

“Every day you can look for the excitement of what may occur in the field of all possibilities.” (Chopra,p.87)


Taken in part from: Chopra, D. ( 1994). The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. New York, NY. Amber-Allen Publishing