Accepting the things in life we try to forget!

YES!- I remember that time in grammar school when I tripped over my own feet and fell on stage. Things I like to forget. A good example for this moment.

There are things we would like to forget- for real, and there are things that we may need to accept for what it is and why it happened. We are all just practicing at this game called life. Even when you are old and gray, you will still be making mistakes that you may want to forget.

Remember that some things are in our lives because that is the way it is. There is no rhyme or reason for the things that happen to us. Some are good things, some are not.

I guess what I am saying is that in order to maintain your emotional and spiritual wellness in life, you have to accept the things that come along. Things change at a blink of an eye. Before you know it, you are old.

A friend once told me- ” You are not going to believe me now, but from 50-70 goes by so very fast as compared to your earlier years. Before you know it, everyone is calling you the great- grandma instead of just grandma!!” This insight came from a person who has been around a long time, but still maintains her youth, especially in spirit!

So don’t forget the bad times. Save those memories to ponder on later in life when it just does not matter anymore ” how happy you are.” And I do not mean this in a negative way. When you grow old, you begin to cherish moments! You are not particularly happy about bad things that happen, but you are more accepting, and able to ponder more on those good times.

And you begin to cherish those memories, whether they were good or not! You are just happy to have memories, family and love in your life.

And for all the mothers, grandmothers, and greatgrandmothers out there- Have a Happy Mother’s Day!