Negative Programming Can be Challenged!

Life is not all about black and white. There are some gray areas that you can work on right away. These gray areas are your belief system. Even if you do not totally believe that you can become a more positive person, you can help yourself to create a different belief system for yourself.

1. The process of repeating a statement  over and over again until it becomes part of you may be your first step. Here are some positive affirmations to begin with:


Positive programming

1. I accept myself totally

2. I love myself as I am

3. I am kind and generous

4. I have everything I need to enjoy my life


Try to become more aware of your specific programming that may be negative.  What negative statements are flowing through you right now?

When you become truly aware of your negative self, you can begin to challenge the moments when you are thinking bad thoughts.

Begin by meditating and as each negative statement comes into your minds eye- turn it into a powerful affirmation. Challenge yourself by saying: ” I can do it. It will all work out. I am strong. I can handle it. Take it easy, keep cool, and go with the flow!”

In the book, Positively You, written by Jinger Heath, she focuses on beginning the new journey by setting your sights on the journey ahead by:

Believing that all things are possible for you

Knowing that the success of your new journey in life depends on your ability to link positive thinking with positive action

Learning to speak to yourself like you speak to your best friend!

Training yourself to listen to your positive voice and not allow negativity to creep in

Develop a voice of comfort for yourself. Your internal voice needs to speak comforting thoughts. Pick up a book on inspiring thoughts and read it every day.

Taken in part from: Heath, J ( 1998) Positively You: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. New  York, NY. Golden Books.