Trauma and Healing

 When I speak on grief and loss in life, I believe that speaking on psychological trauma is also necessary. Some people who have difficult losses come to believe that the intrusive thoughts and feelings never go away. They go through life with so many unresolved issues that depression is their  normal state.

I believe that we all can get through the bad things that happen to us in life, but we have to remember that it takes a lot of time and a lot of work.

For example, I have found that there are many things that really help me get through things.

Creativity is healing

The first thing I think about when I ponder on what to do when I am feeling bad is my art work. I have always gone back to it in times of need. Today, I am going out to get some craft supplies, something I have not done in a very long time.

I am guessing that I did not have to fall back on my artistic ways until today, or maybe I need to be inspired, and someone has inspired me recently to take up my craft work again. Whatever the story, here I am!

Writing is healing

Another very important meaningful way that I express my thoughts and feelings is through writing.

Blogging daily has helped heal some of my old wounds that may have needed mending. Thank you fans!!

If it were not for all of you reading my posts, I probably would not continue to write daily- sometimes even more than once a day-depending on my mood!

Group work is healing

I have found that the best form of healing from any type of trauma or grief is to spend time with others.

It does not have to be an official self-help group. All you need are a few people who share the same difficulties. Spending time with friends in groups and one- to- one is always a helpful, healing event.

Friendship meetings

Since I retired, I seek out more people than I used to. I try to schedule weekly meetings with my friends. It is so refreshing to just spend some time with others. You learn, comfort and  guide each other. Sometimes all you need is to have someone to listen. When you get something off your chest, it can help you to take another look at what needs to be done with your difficulties. It becomes an awakening of sorts that puts things in perspective.

Family time

Make sure you include your family in times of need. Traumatic events can be overwhelming, and you need your family. Spend time with them. Try to help them understand the difficulties you are having,

 Learn to trust again

This is a big step for people who have suffered psychological trauma in their lives. There are people in your life that may have betrayed you, but now there are people you can trust.

Learn to trust others by developing relationships that include trust, love, caring and compassion.

Staying Healthy in Mind, body and Spirit

1. Learn how to express yourself, especially your feeling and thoughts

2.Take care of your physical body through active and passive exercise. Active exercise gets your heart rate up-activities such as running, jogging or walking fast get you in touch with your physical self. Passive exercise such as yoga and tai- chi help with your mental self. You get in touch with your spirit and learn how meditation and imaging better moments can be.

3. Find a trusted friend who will listen to you so that you can talk about how you are feeling.

4. Remember that your feelings are the core of your being. Your thoughts and behaviors are a result of what you are feeling at any given moment in time.

5.  Trust yourself to be able to work at developing your inner self so that you can heal from your trauma.