Trying to get the pounds off!

The average person who loses and keeps off weight, lost it at a very slow rate: 1-2 pounds a week

Remember that it will take just as long to take off the weight as it did to put it on!

When you first begin to change your life by choosing healthy ways, you may lose a few pound quickly! The all of a sudden it stops and you get discouraged.

Don’t get discouraged because it is a slow process

Your body wants to go into starvation mode and protect itself from losing any muscle and fat!

You body loves you, and it gets scared when you don’t give it the “usual” treats!

Try changing up you diet for a week

Completely change everything.

I tried eating an avocado for breakfast this morning with some yogurt over some apple slices. Sounds different, but it satisfied me, and my body probably thought- “hey, this is something different!” I know I am exaggerating a bit, but changing your diet and exercise plan can help. For lunch I will have some breakfast foods. For dinner I will start out with some fresh fruit. I read in a combining foods book today that you should always eat your fruit alone, without other carbs such as grains. Try different things for dinner. Planning can be fun.

Remember the saying- This is the way to eat: ” A king’s breakfast, a middle class lunch and a pauper’s dinner.” This really says it all.

You have to find ways to fool yourself!

You might want to try some new form of exercise to fix the slow down. I always try spinning classes. I think spinning is the hardest exercise that I do. If you don’t know what it is, it is a fast stationary bike exercise program that most gyms take pride in! They make you go faster and faster- harder and harder ( up hill, down hill).

Another idea may be to switch it up with the meals. Try some meatless meals for a change. Try to just eat fruits and veggies all day! ThisĀ  may spark a weight loss.

And don’t eat late at night.

Everyone seems to know this one- but it does not stop anyone! Everything that you eat just before you go to bed- sits there all night turning into fat!!