Aromatherapy for your Spirit! Keeping yourself Mentally Well

Here are some tips on what to do to pick up your mood!

Aromatherapists agree on the following “nerve tonics”

1. Basil: Basil is called nature’s nerve tonic. When you buy some essential oils such as basil, remember that the best way to use oils is to dilute them. Use a spritzer and mix  the oils with distilled water. You only need a thimble full. Shake well, avoid your eyes and spritz it on your skin. You can also add essential oils to your bath water. Just a few drops.

2. Clay Sage: This is a mood elevator but don’t mix it with alcohol.

3. Geranium: This helps with hormone balance. One to five drops make a wonderful bath, or mixed into lotion. I use unscented lotion when I want to make a batch of my favorite oils. Aromatherapists agree that it can help balance mood swings and ease depression, premenstrual syndrome and irregular or painful periods.

4. Lavender: Called the insomniac’s friend. I love this! It really helps me to sleep! Lavender is considered one of the most important of all the essential oils. Aromatherapists believe that it has not only a relaxing effect but can calm anxiety and help you to sleep.

5. Roman Chamomile: For bad moods and bad dreams!  Aromatherapist believe that the scent of chamomile acts as a mild sedative and antidepressant. Use for a massage or bath. ( If allergic to ragweed- avoid because chamomile is a close relative!)

6. Sweet Orange: This is an emotional pick me up! To lift your spirits, use sweet orange. A few drops in your bath or blend it with lavender for an emotional boost!

Visualize yourself well and talk your way out of it!

Many theorist agree that healing yourself should also include using some form of relaxation therapy with your aromatherapy.  Visualization is a good start. Visualize yourself healthy and well. Visualize warmth, relaxing scenes such as floating on a boat in a calm lake. Visualize yourself looking happy! Smiling and full of joy.

Visualization can be used to reduce pain in the mind and body. If you are feeling depressed, what does it look like?

Many people learn how to  change their image to a brighter one.

Talking yourself out of depression

When you are depressed, you may have negative, distorted  thoughts such as ” nobody cares about me” I am alone and lonely” Odds are that there is little evidence that nobody cares about you! You have friends and relatives who want to help.

Begin to change those negative thoughts into more positive ones. ” I love myself.” I am going to think better thoughts.” I know I can do it.”

Contribute to a cause

Begin to do things that bring meaning to your life.  Volunteering or just getting involved in a cause you are passionate about can be an awakening!


Taken in part from: Berman, A. ( 1998). Women’s Choices in Natural Healing: Drug Free Remedies From the World of Alternative Medicine. Emmaus. PA. Rodale Press.