The More You Give, the More Your Receive

Balancing your life

Giving and receiving are about balance in our lives. The more we give to others, the more we receive. Nature works in this way too, and we are a part of nature.  In every seed planted into fertile soil, growth happens. So as we plant the seeds of relationships, we plant growth and harmony for the future.

Deepak Chopra in his book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success focuses on this give and take in life. Giving and receiving are one. The more you give, the more you receive because giving in abundance circulates in the universe. Do not fear that you may be too giving!

Remember what  your intention is  when you give.

Are you truly giving without expecting a return? Think about this. When you meditate, focus on what your expectations are in life.

Is your intention to create happiness for yourself and others?  Remember that the act of giving needs to be joyful. It is not a giving gesture if you are angry about giving help to someone.

The positive internal moment

Even just thinking about giving brings power to others. People who pray and meditate send their prayers and energy  to others.

When you learn to give that which you seek, you will begin to grow in abundance.

Whenever you meet a friend

Whenever you meet with anyone, bring something with you.

A good way to start this flow  of giving and receiving is give something material.

The next time you meet with a friend, bring them something. It could be a flower, or something you made. It does not matter. The simple act of giving in any form creates a flow of energy that brings power to others.

Another way of giving are the gifts of caring, loving, and affection. These gifts do not cost anything, but they can bring happiness and joy to someone’s life.

If you seek and give these gifts to others, they will spontaneously come to you.


Taken in part from: Chopra, D. ( 1994)  The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafeal, CA. Amber-Allen Publishing