Friends: In good and bad times!

This picture is of one of my best friends. I have 2 best friends! I am lucky.

Because she may not want me to put her picture  on my blog, I chose this special picture. It is special because we were all together on the day this picture was taken. All three of us. It is not often that we spend time together.

But we were together on this day in the picture because we were visiting a grieving friend. Friends gather when good and bad things happen to them. They are like family, but in many ways better. Better because there are no expectations attached. They are not expecting you to make them dinner, or even bring them coffee. They are just there for you.  True Friends  are  people  you can call on when you need help or when you need a kind word; to congratulate and to console.


It is so very nice to have close friends, especially in times of need. Family is helpful in needy times, but friends have a special role in your life.

My friends  are  important to me. We confide in each other on thoughts that we probably would not tell anyone else. And we don’t spread around things about each other- real friends are true blue!

I am not by any means saying that family is not important to me. I love my family. I spend time with them, and feel good when I do things such as preparing a meal or helping them as needed. They also help me. I love my family and treasure my kids and grandkids, mom, dad and sisters.

I just believe that friends play a very important role in our lives.

Success and Purpose in Life

Deepak Chopra writes about our purpose in life in his book: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.  He believes in the law of Dharma, or purpose in life. Each of us has a special gift to give others in life. It may be a talent, or it may be the gift of advice. Being a friend who guides other people toward developing meaning in their lives is a talent in itself. I would love to be remembered as the person who put someone down the right path. Our ultimate goal in life should consist of service to others.

Remembering Childhood

Here is a special childhood poem on friendship that I will never forget: ” Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” I have 2 golden friends!

Today, I have added a few friends.

And I have renewed some friendships. Most of my recent encounters with my friends have  picked up where they left off. It does not matter how long it has been since you have seen them. They are never  mad at you for not calling. They are just there when you pick up the phone, ready to meet you for coffee, or just listen to your difficulties!

I think I will give a friend a call today. It really picks up my day!

Taken in part from: Chopra, D. (1994) The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafeal, CA. Amber-Allen Publishing