Stepping into the Unknown



Everyone wants a certain amount of security in their lives but stepping into the unknown can really help you to be more creative and able to stop hanging on to things.

As humans, we seem to attach ourselves to things, people, and goals.

It is great to have goals in life, but in order to attain them, you may have to step away, and detatch from what you are hoping and wishing for. Because you can never get what you really want in life, if you continue to hang on to the past. Past experiences may help you, but striving into the unknown helps more.


Stop Fearing the unknown and take some chances in life

Do not fear the unknown, look forward to challenging things that you have never done before.  Your uncertainty of things makes life not only creative but you also become free of all the attachments you have to things in life such as money.  Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book,  The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success speaks on how the more money someone has, the less secure they are.  Attachments to money will always create insecurity, no matter how much you have!

Enjoy life

Start to enjoy and celebrate life. Stop with the rigidity of having to have things. Begin to see new possibilities that challenge and inspire you.


Chopra, D. ( 1994) The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafeal, CA. Amber-Allen Publishing