You can do it!


Weight Loss goals

Several times a year I set a goal.

Most of the time it is around weight reduction, but recently I have been goal setting around staying healthier.

I have found that being more positive about making healthy changes is a better idea  for me  instead of  focusing on the scale all the time.

I believe that eventually, if my diet is good, I watch portions carefully and  exercise, I will lose weight.

It may take longer than I want it to, but it will happen.

I am living proof. It has taken me about 3 years to get where I want to be, and I am almost there. I continue to want to lose a few more pounds, just to keep the weight at bay! I think being a little under my goal helps. I seek and take the advice from many people and professional organizations.  Dr. Oz is my best friend!

Here are some tips:

Make your life simple.

If ideas around weight loss are too complicated they will not work. I like planning. I plan my meals for the entire week, and then go to the store to get what I need. I also plan my weight losses weekly. I try to not struggle too much when I plateau. Everyone does. For some reason my body likes to fight me. But eventually it gives in. You have to be very patient and persistent about losing and keeping weight off.

I also buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. Buying the more seasonal foods helps with my budget. Also, buying from the local Farmer’s Market, or co-ops  can be cheaper too.

Finding a special way to exercise

You might not want to do this, but I have saddle bags  on my bike, ( actually my dad bought them for me on my birthday last year) and I shop most of the summer on my bike.

I love it. I save gas too!  The fun part is that I have to go back a few times. Can’t buy everything on a bike, so I have to exercise  more to get all the food I need.

It is a little embarrassing telling this story, but I love it. I love bicycling! That is what you need to do. Find some kind of exercise that you truly enjoy—-and then do it with passion!

Here are my before and after pictures