On Losing Weight:Beginning to Believe

Thinking myself thin

When I look in the mirror, I see a great, thin person!



When you talk about losing weight you must think like a broken record.

Over and over again, the same saga! But you know what the problem is if you are not losing? It is all about calories in and calories out! You must burn off what you eat, and more – for a loss of weight.

Body Image is an Important factor: When I Look at myself, I am Thin!

You have to tell yourself over and over again that you are thin- or are going to be thin. It is like a cognitive -behavioral technique- you talk yourself into good behavior with a reward at the end of each step – you  know that drill!

You have to begin to believe. Believe that you will attain your goal.

Develop short term goals relative to your long term goal, and then start out with a good strong belief system. You may want some cheering people around you, so find a good self-help group so that you can cheer each other on.

And remember what you have to do: Smaller portions, more exercise. Not eating fatty foods- especially late at night. And a belief that your  goal will be attained.

If you do not  believe it will have happen, you probably will sabatage your efforts. Over and over again, people self- sabotage by not putting themselves into the right mindset. A mindset that says: I can do this. I can not only lose the weight I want, I will keep it off for the rest of my life!


Here are a few affirmations that you may need to say over and over again:

I am a thin person. When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful, thin person.

I always eat right. I plan my meals so that I do not get too hungry. I have special, low calorie snacks available for when I need a pick me up.

I love my body. It moves and grooves! My body is flexible, muscular and lean. People stop and look at how good I am looking lately.

I have done it. I have achieved my weight loss goal. I am at the weight I want to be at. I am maintaining my goal.

I love myself, I love my body.

Say these affirmations a few hundred times a day!  And life as you know it will be good!