Prebiotic: Steamed, Stuffed Artichokes

Here is a simple side dish that my mom taught me how to make. I have loved artichokes cooked this way all of my life. My mom used to cook them about once a week. We could not wait to eat them up!

Here is a simple steaming method to cook stuffed artichokes.

Ingredients: 2 large artichokes, rinsed well. They do come with added treats once in awhile such as bugs or worms- just like apples! After rinsing, turn on the side, cut off stem flat so that the artichoke can stand up in you pan.

I also keep the artichoke on its side to cut off the prickers on the top with a sharp knife.  You can actually get pricked with these! So cut them off! I also peel the steams and place them in the steamer with the artichokes. They are very good to eat too.

Other ingredients include:

1 cup  whole wheat bread crumbs

1 clove fresh garlic-chopped. If you do not have fresh, use 1 tsp of garlic powder/   1 tsp basil / 2 tablespoons olive oil/ 1/4 cup water.

Mixture:  For the breadcrumbs-  I use whole wheat because I like the flavor, and I only eat whole wheat-( I do not use bread crumbs made from white bread.) Whole wheat is better for you!

In a medium sized bowl mix, combine all ingredients. It should look a bit pasty, if you like it moist add more water, less- add more bread crumbs.

Place the bread crumbs gently between as many leaves as possible. I open up the artichoke, and try to get some mixture deep down into the center first. ( that is why I cut off the sharp prickers)

Next place the artichokes into a steamer. Steam for about 45 minutes. You can check to see if they are done by pulling off a leaf somewhere close to the center, and tasting it. If it is done, the leaf will come out very easily, and the taste will be excellent!

Remember that artichokes are a good prebiotic source like bananas- they stay with you and are not digested until the large intestine, so they are great foods to help with your gut.