Healing and the Body-Mind Connection


I believe that there is a connection between the mind and body, but many theorist believe  that this powerful connection can make us sick or well.

For example, there is  research suggesting that the physical body can send messages to the mind that tells it, “you are sick” or “you are well.”

In the book Creative Visualization, written by Shakti Gawain, the principles of holistic health is a focus.

One of the basic principles of holistic health is that we cannot separate our physical health from our emotional, mental and spiritual states.

We are all one. So when a person has a physical disorder, it is a message to look into one’s emotional and intuitive feelings, thoughts and behaviors to help in the healing process.

I am not saying, “It is all in your head, ” but some of it is!

The body feels the physical difficulties and then sends these messages to the mind. The mind then interprets the perception on which a belief about wellness or illness is developed. All levels are interconnected in a state of “dis-ease” in the body which can be produced in the form of conflict, tension, anxiety and general disharmony of the physical, mental and spirtual well-being of the person.

How does a person restore harmony and balance to their being?

This is why there is so much literature on the power of positive thought. When you think happy thoughts, you start to believe in them, just like when you think negative thoughts, you also believe. Therefore, to be well, you need to dismiss the negative, concentrating on ” happy thoughts” just like Peter Pan!!

Whether it is conscious or unconscious, it is inevitable to get sick in certain situations. If the mind believes it- it signals the physical body accordingly.

That is  why hopeful people not only are happier, their optimism can bring them good health. Learning how to be more hopeful and optimistic can be difficult for some people. I have been trying it for years. Mindfulness meditation helps. When I think of some terrible thought- I immediately dismiss it, watching it float by my eyes! This takes practice.

We must  be intuitive, and tune into our inner process. Because of this constant communication between the mind and body, we can interrupt it. We can begin to use techniques such as relaxation, meditation, prayer and yoga to interrupt the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, changing them into more positive thoughts.


People get sick because they may feel that it is inevitable, and in some ways it may serve as a desperate solution to some unresolved conflict in their lives. You may know that it is coming, because something in your physical being may be  already out of control such as weight, drinking or other addictive behaviors.

Remember that the body-mind connection is complex. I do not believe that every disease out there is caused by a person’s negative thinking, but there is much research on the topic that  people whose “cup is half-full instead of half-empty”, live longer, happier lives.

Taken in part from: Gawain, S. (1982) Creative Visualizations. New York, NY. Bantam Books.