Hindsight: Doing it right the next time!

Shadows are things in your past that you cannot change



Isn’t it interesting that when we look back on things in our lives, we often say- “Wish I had done that differently.” I have a lot of those moments.

The older I get, the more moments I have that include wishing I could change some of the things I have done or said to someone when I was angry or upset. Even some of my more pleasant moments in life do not always include a happy ending. One thing is for sure, things do end, sometimes good and sometimes not  so good! That is  what life is all about.

It is good practice for our future to have a few mistakes in the past that may haunt us now and then. These misfortunes give us practice on how to do it right the next time.

It is hard for me to give specific examples of such hindsight, but I can say that looking back at some of my past relationships has been very insightful to me.

If only I was able to stop someone else from making the same mistakes as I have. With a magic wand, I could end the mistakes, and get the person down the right path in life. They would then, through some new found insight, move away from the burning fire of life.

Magical thinking! It can work wonders, and gives you control of things!

Are there other ways to gain control of your life?

I know that you cannot control other people, ( and you should not want to.) Some people think that they can change other people too! Are they into magic too? You can only change yourself.

You can change your attitude about things. For example, if you have a faulty relationship right now that needs some work, you can change your attitude to a more positive one. You can be more pleasant to the person that you are having problems with.

If you have a job you don’t like, you can find some good things about it that you enjoy, and focus on that. In my past jobs, I have done that. I would savor the things I enjoyed such as writing the daily “thought for the day.” I invented it for the people I worked with, and I would post positive sayings all over the place! I also do this type of writing today through my blog.

So when you are doing your hindsight for the day, and you stumble upon an unhappy moment life that you would like to change, change your attitude about it. Try to make the negative moment into a more pleasant one.

Take a long walk and think about life and how to make it better.