Is it just a bad habit, or an addiction?

Paths in life that will bring you happiness.


I ponder a lot on how people, including myself find ways to quit bad habits.

I like  Alcohol Anonymous on  taking a personal history, and admitting you are wrong!

That is my motto. I admit that I have had some bad habits, and I may have harmed others with some of them, including myself.

But I quit  my addictions.  Some people believe that smoking is just a bad habit, but  I call smoking an addiction because there are withdrawal symptoms when you quit. You do not withdraw from a bad habit, you just miss it!

When you quit smoking, you might want to bite someone’s head off- or  you  may just have an edge for a few weeks, but it does go away. I know because I have been there.

Today, healthy and happy!

My goal was to quit all my bad habits (addictions too) before I turned 40, and I did it!

My other bad habit is eating too much, and I have also cured myself of that too. (most of the time!) I use exercise as my combative measure to fend off the food if I indulge too much. I have cleaned up my diet to only inlcude: fruits and veggies, protein from grains and cereals, soy yogurt for my probiotics and other vegetarian delights such as tempeh and tofu!

I have lost a lot of weight in the past 3 years since my retirement. I weigh less than when I was in my twenties.

The truth is,  you are much healthier without those cigarettes. And you are healthier when you are lighter and eating better.

If you are someone who thinks cigarettes are keeping you thin- think again. I am smaller now. It never helped me to stay thin. All they did was give me stained teeth, a cough and a lot of colds, especially during the winter.  Today,I am one of those people who never gets sick.  I haven’t had a sniffle in years!

Another addictive behavior that many people have is drinking too much. I am fortunate, and have never had a problem with that. Most people who do have a problem with drugs, and /or alcohol, do not believe they have a problem. This is part of the “disease.”

You believe that everyone else has the problem, not you. So when you take personal inventory of yourself related to drinking or drugging- you need to admit it and promptly tell others you are sorry that you have hurt them because even if you do not think you have a problem- they probably think you do. Especially if you have had any DWIs or accidents involving drinking or drugging.

Substance abuse addictions are tough to get rid of. You need a lot of self-care, self-help and belief that you do have a problem that needs attention!

I know a few people who have been free of alcohol for over 20 years, and they still attend Alcoholics Anonymous. They say that those friends at AA helped them through tough times, and now they pay it forward by telling the “new-bees” how to stay sober.

If you are looking for a healthy path, try getting an inventory together and take some time to explore what you need to change in your life.


Think back to when you were a child. When you sat on a swing, thinking about all the wonderful things in your life. You can be there again. Keep your life simple. Find simple solutions to some of your difficulties. Too often we do not find answers because we tend to complicate the simple things in life such as swinging on a swing.

Taken in part from: Twerski, A.( 1990). Waking Up Just in Time. New York, NY.  St. Martin’s Griffin.