Finding Meaning in Life


Sometimes I feel gloomy when the sun is not shining so I have to do something that helps me to feel better. Usually it is exercise, but today I think need more.

When you need more than just some activity, what do you do?

I try some inspirational literature to help me.

The book Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain usually does the trick. Here is some guidance for your gloomy days. Hopefully, it is sunny where you are today!

I believe that we all have a purpose in life. Some of us know what it is, some of us are still looking for the path toward meaningful, purposeful living.

A basic need for all of us is to make a positive contribution in the world. We also seek to improve ourselves and enjoy our lives.

As you become more attuned to your inner being, you will begin to see what your higher purpose in life is. Notice the elements of your present life, your dreams, your goals.

What path are you going toward? Is your job or your free time spent doing things that bring meaning to others’ lives? Do you find yourself doing and creating?

Remember that there are 3 basic elements of living:

Desire: you need to have a true desire for what  you have chosen in life, a goal with a purpose.

Belief: you also need to believe in yourself and your ability to attain you goal

Acceptance: you also need to accept and have what you are seeking- some people enjoy the chase toward a goal but do not want it after they have reached the top of the mountain!  You need to be willing to accept your path, and desire what you are seeking!

These are questions you can begin to answer as you ponder during gloomy days!

Taken in part from: Shakti,G. ( 1982). Creative Visualization. New York, NY. Bantam Books.