New Things Are Fun

Starting a new website can bring some stress, but also some humor and fun. I love to create new things, and today brings a new face to my website.

I hope that people notice how nice it looks, and I thank George, my website designer for all the help.

Today, find something fun to do because you need it. There is much research on the fact that people are happier and more content when they do things that they enjoy. So if you do not like your job, or things that you do in your spare time such as  using an exercise bike to lose weight- are just not working- try something new! Maybe you should ride a real bike!

And begin to focus on the positive in life!  Stop the “should of’s “and” could of’s.” If you really want to do something- do it.

Take control of your life and let the sun shine into it. Do some special things for someone else. It will bring joy into your life, and this happiness is contagious.

Make your life the miracle you always wanted. You can begin by doing it right now. Do something you should have done a long time ago.