Moments in your Life: Some Positive, Some Negative

Making Positive Changes:
You know you have grown spiritually when you begin to learn about your feelings and how they can affect your entire being, especially related to strong feelings such as sadness and anger which also affect your body too.
Gary Zukav and Linda Francis in their book, The Heart of The Soul, speak on  how people need to be aware of what part of their body may be affected when strong feelings occur.
The Body:
Do you notice tightness, pain or other body sensations when you are sad?
Whenever I have negative emotions, I get a pain in my neck! And sometimes when I am really stressed, my  right eye twitches!
The next time you feel strong emotions coming on such as anger, sadness, jealousy, notice where it also affects your body.
The Mind and Soul:
Begin to notice that your emotions come from you- internally, not from the outside. Your emotions do not depend on circumstances or people, they are within you, and therefore, under your control, even though you might think others may be causing you to be angry or upset, or even happy!
That is why it does not matter why you are sad, you can get in better touch with your emotions on you own through meditation and for some prayer and relaxation methods such as yoga.
Remember that you cannot change what has happened, but you can change how your react to it.
Your emotions can be a message for you to explore. Go back and think about a special time in your life. Remember everything about it, what you said, how your felt at that time. What kind of body sensations you may have been having.I remember a truly painful time in my life when my husband and I separated. In hindsight, when I look back at it , I wish that I could have changed how I reacted to the hurt and pain.
I  would have changed some of the angry words  that I said to him. Today, thinking about  past experience with emotional upset helps me to take a good look at my emotions and how I handle them in the present.
Your emotions can be your best friend because they never leave you.
They bring your attention to what you need to know.
For my future emotional times, I am more in touch with my feelings. I now know that I can have control over sadness, anger and even happiness.
And I no longer blame others for any of my emotional states. My inner soul tells me that I am responsible for how I feel at any given moment.
I choose to be positive or negative about my circumstances.
It is not about other people and how they “make me feel.” It is always about me and how I want to feel at the present moment in time.
Taken in part from: Zukav, G and Francis, L. ( 2002). The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness. New York, NY. Simon and Schuester Source

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