>Old Town Memories

>Staying Healthy through Exercise:
We need to stay in shape physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Even when things are not going well in your life in all the above areas, it is important to try to stay balanced in life.
Exercise can help you.
You may not think it can at first, but it helps, especially in the emotional arena. I feel stronger, more able to make decisions and my mood is always better after I do some kind of exercise or activity. It does not always have to be hard. A walk, or a bike ride to get some fresh air and sun ( we all need Vitamin D3, not only for healthy bones, but for a healthy mood!)
For the intellectual and spiritual connection, I try to visit different places near my home town. I love to connect with the locals in my area, and I have gained many new friends while I am exercising!

I have been trying to maintain my weight by riding my bike more this spring.
It has also given me another adventure. I like to take pictures, so as I improve my fitness, I am finding treasured places right around the corner near my home!
It seems that there are no more hometown places to  visit.
I have one right around the corner in my town.
I rode my bike to Water Valley, a place just south of Hamburg, before Eden. It is about 7 or 8 miles from where I live, so on a bike it is not too bad of a ride. The biggest problem I had were the hills. They don’t call it a valley for no reason at all! I had to get off of my bike at one point on the way back home because the hill was too much for me.
If you love hometown type places you might want to stop in Water Valley
There is  a home town store that sells everything from flowers to fresh baked goods called Braymiller’s Market. In the store there is  a small spot to sit down and have some coffee, homemade bake goods along with an ice cream stand in the summer.

There is also one country restaurant called  The Water Valley Inn  it is just before you get to Braymiller’s. The Water Valley Inn has great food and a country atmosphere.
Braymiller’s  Market

Ice cream