If you have been told you are heading toward having hypertension, make some changes that may decrease your chances of becoming hypertensive and having to take medication.
Here are some tips from Dr. Andrew Weil in his book: Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being: First of all, normal blood pressure has changed: Many doctors want their patients to have a goal of 110/70 ( it used to be 120/80). So, if you are well above those numbers, you need to begin some lifesyle changes.
For some reason, in our society as in many developed countries, blood pressure seems to increase with age. This should not happen. It seems that our dietary habits, the stress of life and some unknown factors, doctors are diagnosing hypertension more regularly.
The trend today is to call it ” prehypertension” and then treat it.
If this happens to you, ask your MD if you can monitor your blood pressure at home for a few months to get an accurate picture.
There are automatic cuffs, easy to use, and they are accurate.
To get a true picture of your health, try some lifestyle changes while you are off monitoring your blood pressure on your own:
1. Normalize your weight
2. Increase your exercise
3. Practice relaxation methods
4. Try the dietary supplement magnesium ( this has shown some results with lowering blood pressure)
5. Eat fewer foods that are high in sodium, and more vegetables
After a resonable period of the above changes, if you blood pressure is still high, ask your MD for the lowest dose antihypertensive and the mildest drug.
Taken in part from: Weil, A. (2005). Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide To Your Well-Being. New York, NY. Anchor Books

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