>The fish story still holds true

The Omega-3 Story:

When we talk about what really helps with arthritis, the first thing that comes up is fatty fish! Fish, with its outstanding nutrients and low calorie count comes up as an ideal healing food.
This secret ingredient is called Omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oils.

For pain, especially related to rheumatoid arthritis, fish oil is number one. According to authors Patricia Hausman and Judith Hurley in their book, The Healing Foods, they explain how fish oil helps with joint pain. Research has confirmed that fish oil helps reduce inflammation by helping the body make substances called prostaglandins that have a favorable effect on inflamed tissues.
Fish is not exactly a newcomer to  nutrition, it has also been found to lower cholesterol in diets because it contains so little saturated fat, and it has polyunsaturated fat that helps to lower blood cholesterol.

Fatty fish has another bonus. It has heart helping power too! Omega-3 fats in a person’s diet makes the blood less prone to clotting, so that the flow of blood to the heart is clear.
If you are eating fish, make sure you find varieties and sources that are likely to carry the fewest toxic contaminants.
The highest quality of omega-3 can be found in  Wild Alaskan Salmon, Alaskan Black Cod, and Sardines
If you take fish oil, make sure it is distilled and toxin free.

Some tips: Eat less meat and poultry
Eat more vegetable proteins from soy foods, legumes (lentils, beans) whole grains,
and seeds, nuts
If you eat fish, choose only varieties that are likely to carry the fewest toxins

Taken in part from: Weil, A. (2005).  Healthy Aging. New York, NY. Anchor Books
and Hausman, P and Hurley, J (1989)  The Healing Foods. New York, NY. Dell Trade
Make sure you talk to your MD about fish oil. Before you start any new supplement, make sure it does not interfere with any other medication you are taking.