>Staying Balanced and Well: Your daily task

We have to do a multitude of things in order to keep ourselves mentally and physically well. You may find that you need to put some color into your day in order to feel good!
Do you know when you are having an off day?
I can always tell my physical off days by my balance.

Standing on one foot and then the other tells me which side of my body may be off for the day. So I try to be careful for the day.

But it is more difficult to tell when I am off mentally.
I guess what I do is stop for a moment, and try to clear my head of everything. This helps to center myself for the day.
If this does not work, I  take a walk and take pictures to help settle my mind for the day.
Sometimes we should take a look internally by slowing down for the day. Such as purposefully not doing.
Some people think they have to be always doing something. ( I seem to have that problem).
You don’t need to be doing something every minute.
Rest can bring about a feeling of wellness that some people never feel because they need to be “doing” all the time.
Take some time today to just rest and think about things in your life, and do not write down your goals, and do not think about the future.
Just be in the moment now.