>Taking Care of Yourself First

>Many people believe that they need to save the world! Maybe it is the mother or father instinct I have been talking about, but you cannot do any saving unless you take care of yourself first.
People seem to forget that they are not very good for helping others unless they take care of their own needs.
A good example is a person who truly wants to help in the care of someone who is sick. They may try to help so very much that they do not get enough sleep or eat right, or take care of other important matters concerning themselves.
Remember that you are #1. You cannot help with others unless you take care of you!
So if you have lots of stress in your life related to helping too much, here is some advice:
On anxiety and worry
The most undesirable reaction to stress is anxiety and chronic worry. Some common symptoms of anxiety include insomnia and an inability to concentrate.
Here are some tips:
1. Cut down on the caffeine
2. Talk with friends about your difficulties
3. Try some positive affirmation  and inspiring literature. Remember when you do some meditative type exercises that you are not trying to rid yourself of the difficulties, but  you can begin to accept the fact that there are good and bad things in life. Let go of the anxiety through acceptance.

Take a walk and meditate on taking care of yourself.