>When you just can’t seem to snap out of the funk!

>I know that everyone comes to a time in their lives when they feel like they cannot control their mood. You may be able to help yourself by trying some mood altering activities.
My favorite one is walking. Walking has helped me through many a difficult time, so that is what I do when I cannot get out of my funk!  I have done it for years, and I call it my meditative walk where I can clear my head of all my troubles!

When you really do have some difficulties in life that need some mending, it is also important to start with a list of the things you need to do in order to move toward wellness and health. Listing your troubles and good things about yourself can help you sort them out, get more control and maybe even see that they are attainable. Many people give up when they are down and feeling defeated.
If they would have listed the difficulties and challenged themselves, they may have been able to tackle all of them!

My list today included going to a yoga class. I resisted because I was feeling a bit out of sorts, but I was so glad when I got home. I felt so much better.
On my list for today also includes my daily walk which I try to get in while it is still sunny outside. We all need a dose of Vitamin D from the sun to lift our mood!
So get out there and make your list of things that need to be done, and take it day by day- or even moment by moment.