>Becoming a Stronger person

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We all have our problems, and I truly believe that some of us get more difficulties in life than others do.
I do not know why, but they do make songs about it, talk about it in therapy, people have friends they confide in it about. Problems are everywhere!
Everyone, it seems. knows someone who has many problems.
One thing to remember if you are a friend of a person with problems is to keep your distance from their difficulties. They are not your problems, so although a good friend listens and has empathy toward the difficulties someone may be having in life, do not own another person’s problems. Try your best to keep yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually well by finding some positive people to befriend too. It is true that the negativity can rub off on you, so you need to keep your guard up.

So why am I taking about it? Not sure, but I would like you to know that even in the worst of times- “this too shall pass.”
Everything in life passes you by, the good, bad and ugly things in life. You may think you have it the worst of everyone, but you don’t. You may think that your problems are bigger than most, but they are not!
There is power in the belief that things do get better.
So, for everyone who has big problems, or knows someone who does. Here is some positive advice from author, Jinger Heath:
Control your destiny with some tips:
1. If you were told you have just one year to live, would you continue to live your life the same way you are living right now?
2. Remind yourself that you have a limited time on this earth, and all we have are our “todays.”  You do not have a lot of time to waste. Balance yourself and the world around you. Run smoothly, and visualize a feeling of “awe” inside yourself.
3. To achieve inner peace, you need to learn to enjoy every single precious moment of each remaining day on this earth in joy.
Control your own destiny taken in part from: Heath, J ( 1998). Positively You.New York, NY. Golden Books

We all take a path down the road of life. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are only here for a short time. Make the best out of every day!