>Balancing:Green-on-green, Yin and Yang, Black and White

Compliment your colors


I just began taking pictures a few months ago when I started my website. It has become a perfect hobby for me because it helps to balance and center me for the day. I go out, rain, snow or shine and take pictures of nature. I am beginning to believe that nature is just like us. It needs balance. In the springtime it rains and nourishes our land to help the flowers and foliage grow. Look at this tree, it has growth all over it. It may seem like it is too much, and maybe it is! But it is the way that nature intended this tree to be!

I speak on balance in our lives and the importance of staying balanced in mind, body and spirit. Nature is a lot like people.
It tries to stay balanced in its wholeness.
Even when we just glance at something like a pretty picture, it has structure and balance. Look at this picture and see how balanced it seems to you. When I first took the picture, I called it “green – on- green.”
Two different shades of green that complement each other. Do we balance our lives to make us feel whole? Do we take care of our physical and mental well-being by doing, not only physical exercise, but mental exercises such as learning something new? Or mental exercise such as reading on how to cope with life better?

Try something new today to get yourself balanced in mind, along with some physical balance such as walking.

       Can we balance our black and white with color in our lives?