>Springing into the good weather

>It is time to get out there and get some exercise. Today, I took a bike ride. It was not a long one, but an intense, hilly ride. I was really out of breath on the way back home. So I know that I got a great workout!! Sometimes you have to look for different activities to do in order to stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

I was looking for some good scenery to take pictures! I found some good shots just around the corner. It was fun. The area near my home has a lot of farmland. It is absolutely beautiful.

This is where I ended up. What a beautiful scene.


A barn near a steep hill



So take some time to explore your “new favorite place” to visit. You do not have to travel far to see beauty in nature.
This kind of exploration is fun to do, and you reap the benefits of being outdoors.