>Trigger foods? Trigger eating?

Do you have trigger foods- or are you a trigger eater?

Which is it for you? Well, I have both. I have to keep trigger foods out of the house, and I do some trigger eating when my emotions are negative. My trigger foods are chocolate and potato chips. I cannot have them in the house. I even tried various kinds of chocolate such as carob- because I thought it would not trigger me, but it did, so I have to get it out of the house, give it to someone or through it out!!

So, what is eating you? Do you binge when you are having a bad day at work? Are your coping strategies for life- eating bad things?
Well, many of us know what triggers us to eat things we feel bad about afterwards. So many people are aware that they have this kind of problem.
1. Awareness that you have a problem is the first step toward finding a solution to your difficulties
2. Develop some effective coping strategy. If your way of coping is to eat a hot fudge sundae, then you have to think of another strategy!
When I am feeling triggered by anxiety or stress, and I know that I am going to eat something I will regret, I take a walk outdoors. It clears my mind, and the feelings pass.
For some it is not always negative feelings that trigger eating. Some people eat because they are celebrating! Find other ways of celebration. For example: Instead of food, celebrate by buying yourself something in a smaller size because you did not have that hot fudge sundae!!
3. Develop a list of positive coping strategies that you can try out.  Examples: Meditation skill development, a new kind of exercise such as bike riding, calling up a friend who may have some of the same difficulties you do with binging ( this one is like having a sponsor who looks out for you)
4. Try your best not to eat alone. Eating alone can set you up for a binge. No one is watching!
What are you going to do if you have to eat alone at times. I try to wait for my husband, even if he is late. I will have a snack to fend off the hunger, and then wait until he comes home to eat my bigger meal. Sometimes it is impossible for me, and I have to eat alone. When this happens. I take some time to set up a place for myself, using my colorful plates or fancy china for tea. This helps me. I also use my meditative eating techniques such as making sure I chew more effectively, and slow down. I might even turn on some soft music to slow me down.
5. If you really want to lose a few pounds, write everything down. Not just what you eat, but what you are doing such as sitting watching TV, or walking to the store. Make sure you also write down your exercises for the day so that you can vary them throughout the week. I find that I lose more weight when I combine diet and exercise, along with a different types of exercise. I walk, I jog, I  ride a bike, I go to the gym and get on an elliptical or take a yoga class. Changing it up- really helps kick in weight reduction.
6. Remember that it may be difficult to start an exercise routine, but it is worth it twofold. It helps you lose weight, and it makes you feel better emotionally when you do it. Right after a good walk, I am clear in mnd and smiling!!
So what are you going to do different this time to kick in your positive lifestyle changes?