>Qigong and youthfulness

>If you desire youthfulness and the return of a healthy body, many of the Eastern philosophies can help.
Qigong is one that you may want to practice.

Eastern Philosophy calls it the Qi  ( chee) the energy that moves throughout the body.

This belief is related to our  energy system  which can be developed through touch such as acupressure or movements such as Qigong.
Qigong was developed in China and involves a series of healing movements that can help with a broad range of illnesses. These health exercises can empower the patient to heal themselves.
Like Tai Chi, Qigong is also practiced to calm the mind and maintain the body’s stability.
Qigong is a way to balance one’s Yin and Yang.
Chi or Qi is something to describe anything that is related to feelings or energy.
Therefore, Qigong, as with yoga, focus on a strong, active, dynamic movement with postures from head to toe, aimed to achieve equal balance of yin and yang.
Movement becomes related to specific acupressure points in the body.
Practicing this energy flow involves mind training, breathing, and body training.
There are many books with the Eastern Philosophy teachings that focus on the above movement techniques. Practicing some of these exercises can promote a sense of well-being.
Taken in part from: Tse, M. (1995). Qigong: For Health and Vitality.  New York, NY. St. Martin’s Griffin