>Spring is here!

>It is so lovely in the spring. It is a rebirth of everything. You can smell it in the air. I like to make my spring time wonderful by taking pictures of a beautiful, sunny day. It does not matter that it was 25 degrees today, because it was beautiful to see the sunshine and bright blue sky.
The seasonal effects of light and dark can affect our levels of energy. We will be springing ahead soon- and have more daytime light, so take advantage of the extra energy that you will have.

In the spring, your diet should become lighter, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Salads, nuts, greens, grains and seeds!
Elson Haas in his book Staying Healthy With the Seasons believes that we need to “clean house” in the springtime. Literally, we will do our spring cleaning, but we also need to clean out our clogged  up system and mental being.
So clear out the past, and create some space for your future well-being!
Spring can bring with it: In-balance and Imbalances!
New Beginnings
Motivation to make Changes
Still the same old stuff, dusty and dull
Taken in part from: Haas, E. ( 2003) Staying Healthy With the Seasons.San Rafael, CA. Celestial Arts

Sunshine and Blue Skies bring about Clarity in thoughts, feelings and behaviors!