>The Regeneration Herb: Aloe Vera

>There is a miracle herb that is talked about a lot because it has so many qualities. There are even legends about the Aloe Plant. According to legend, Cleopatra was so beautiful because of using Aloe Vera!
Today, people choose aloe vera to soothe sunburn, moisturize dry skin and other minor ailments such as cuts and burns.

So what is this magical ingredient?

It is the aloe vera gel, a jelly-like sap inside of a aloe leaf.
So if you have a minor cut, burn or skin irritation, you may want to try aloe gel for easing pain, reducing swelling and combating bacteria and fungi.
It also can regenerate damaged skin tissue and prevent scarring in many cases.
Make sure you use fresh Aloe.  You should buy an aloe plant. Break off a leaf and put it on your skin. Then you can be as beautiful as Cleopatra!!
If you need to buy the extract, remember that it can be diluted. Ideally, you want to buy an aloe concentration of at least 70%, otherwise it won’t do much good.
Remember, if Aloe is not the first ingredient- it probably does not have a lot of Aloe in the product.

Another Natural Alternative:  For healing wounds and Scars
A scar free diet:
Diet is so very important to healing from just about everything, including scars.  Your body requires certain nutrients in order to heal quickly.
If you are a vegetarian or chronic dieter, your healing abilities may be hindered. Your body’s production of wound healing nutrients are slowed down if your diet is not healthy, or lacking in certain nutrients.
You need albumin ( contained in protein),  glucose ( carbohydrates), essential fatty acids. Vitamins A, B Complex, C and K, and the minerals Zinc, Copper, Iron and Manganese for effective wound healing.

For all the vegetarians and vegans out there, get some extra vitamins and minerals in your diet, especially when you need to heal.
Taken in part from: Cawood, F. (1997) Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells  You About. Peachtree City, GA. FC&A Publishing